Stories have always been important to PAMIS since it’s beginning 29 years ago. The stories of the people PAMIS support have been at the heart of what we do and their stories have influenced policy, shaped research, contributed to innovative practice and changed lives.  Personal stories, community stories, heritage and cultural stories have all  been central to creating more inclusive communities. We hope you enjoy journeying with us through the writings on this page and we invite you to contribute too with your own stories.



Why not come along Come along and help us celebrate PAMIS’s birthday on 21st May at The Larick Centre in Tayport at 12.00. We will be celebrating Rivers and Shores with the story of the river and associated activities from the resource.


Extracts from Rivers and Shores.

Nature is a playground for the senses and each person will interact with nature in their own unique way. shore and listen to the sounds of the river, waterfalls, the sea and all the bird sounds, is a magical experience.  Rivers and shores also provide opportunities for the sense of smell and taste.  Some days, depending on the weather, you can almost taste the sea.  The smell of sea air and seasonal plants that grow around rivers and shores provides amazing sensory experiences.  Nature also offers many tactile opportunities to experience varying natural textures.  On the shore there’s stones washed smooth by the sea. There’s driftwood and shells, seaweed, and sand. Seabirds too offer an exciting soundscape.  In the forests there’s bark and leaves of varying textures, there’s the sounds of birds and insects. The sights, sound, touch, smell, and taste of nature in all the seasons whether on shore, mountain or forest offers the ultimate sensory experience for the body and the mind.   Nature settings provide the perfect framework for working with multi-sensory stories. To create stories in the natural environment with nature as the story theatre, offers opportunities for sensory connection with both the environment and each other.  Sharing multi-sensory stories outdoors in nature allows for the natural weaving of the personal experience into the fabric of the story.  Through this everyone becomes a part of the story as they interact and participate with the story in their own with nature as the guide.

Rivers tell their own stories as they weave and curve through the landscape over land that holds its own stories. The sounds of the river vary as it weaves its way through the land. Sometimes it’s fast and sometimes it’s slow, sometimes it rushes and roars on its way. The natural soundscape of the river as it flows to the sea can create a sensory experience that is unique to each individual. Waleed and his family spend a lot of time outdoors in nature and Waleed loves to spend time at the river, listening to nature’s wonderful sounds. For him the river is a place to relax, and enjoy the soundscape of the river at various points along the river. Often Waleed falls asleep when he comes to the river, but he also enjoys the louder parts of the river too.  Waleed feels and hears the rivers own story through the soundscape it creates as it flows past him. The walk along the river for Waleed is a sensory experience of sounds and smells as well as a place to enjoy rest and relaxation. He loves watching the dogs, ducks and other animals and birds he sees on his visits to the river. Waleed loves the river and goes regularly to enjoy the river with his brother Shahzad.