Pat Graham – Chair

Pat is our Chairperson and a retired tax inspector.  She has two daughters, Jenna who is an art teacher and illustrator and Lauren, who has PMLD and now lives in supported accommodation. Pat has been involved with PAMIS for over 25 years, and she and her family have used PAMIS’ services during all that time.  Since retiring she has put her free time to good use by being actively involved in many and varied PAMIS projects. She is delighted that working with PAMIS provides her with the opportunity to give something back to an organisation that has provided so much support, education and fun to her family.

Contact: [email protected]

Jenny Whinnett

Jenny is the vice chair of the PAMIS Board. Jenny was formerly a PAMIS Co-ordinator in Grampian. When she retired from the post she became a  member of the PAMIS Board.  A tireless campaigner for Changing Places toilets, Jenny cared for her son Craig, who had PMLD, until his death in 2008.  Jenny is highly skilled in many areas, one being postural care and is still actively involved with people with profound learning disabilities and complex health care needs.   You can read her blog in Voice and Visuals.

Contact: [email protected]


Peter Glover

Currently a Practice Education Co-ordinator at NHS Education for Scotland. He works closely with the AHP Practice Education Leads that are funded by NES in each NHS Board.  He supports the NES Physiotherapy Education Advisory Group which acts as a way of listening to staff working in Scotland.  His areas of professional interest are research, sharing practice and implementing evidence into everyday practice.

Contact: [email protected]


Rachael Delaney

Rachael is currently a senior solicitor at Blackadders LLP, and has a keen interest in Adults with Incapacity Law and Guardianship applications. Rachael first became involved with PAMIS by fundraising for the “Pamiloo”. She was inspired by the services PAMIS provided to families and requested to join the board so that she could contribute to the amazing work that PAMIS do.

Contact: [email protected] or call Rachael on 01382 2292222

Anthony Green

Tony is the Director of Working Capital Sales with the Natwest group in Glasgow. Tony has over 20 years’ experience within the Financial Services Industry. His specialism is within the business and commercial market. He also has some experience with regards charitable organisations and the third sector. Prior to being appointed on the board he had supported a number of PAMIS fundraisers and charity events. This led him to offering to support PAMIS in a more professional capacity.

Contact: [email protected]

Zebunisa Ahmed

Zeb is a Customer Reporting Manager for Virgin Money and Head of Strategy for TEDxGlasgow.

She wear a few hats in addition to being on the PAMIS Board –
1. Analytics Manager in Finance leading individuals to better understand the relationship between financial services and customer behaviour with a purpose to improve financial well-being.
2. Strategy & Curation Head for TEDx ideas to help actors deliver lasting impact and sustainable results, in particular ideas worth doing with the aim of leaving no one behind in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Her expertise includes data analysis and interpretation, project design and management, the development and implementation of research tools, leading and inspiring teams and user experience.

Contact: [email protected]

Susan Weir

Susan has two sons. Her youngest son has PMLD. He lives in Edinburgh with Susan and his dad. In 2015, Susan gave up her job to care full time for her son. She first got involved with PAMIS at the start of 2017 through her interest in the Changing Places campaign. She hopes to gain and share as much knowledge and experience as possible to help people with PMLD and their families.

Contact Susan through [email protected]