The Scottish Mobile Changing Places toilet – The pamiloo

To book the pamiloo for your event contact Leanne Colston at [email protected]

Thousands of people with complex needs across Scotland are unable to attend events or visit outdoor venues due to the lack of appropriate toilets. While locations sometimes offer ‘accessible toilets’, these are not suitable for people with complex needs who need specialised equipment and additional space.

PAMIS acquired the first Scottish Mobile Changing Places toilet, this vehicle – the pamiloo can now be used by families and used at leisure events held by PAMIS to provide fully accessible toileting facilities.


The pamiloo is available for hire for Pamis partner events and events requested by pamis families.

However if you are interested in making your event fully accessible commercially there are other options including:

Portakabin have a Portaloo Accessible Plus for hire here or call 0333 331 5505


Revolootion (formerly operating as Mobiloo) have mobile changing places facilities. Check out their website here or email [email protected]

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