All of these publications can be downloaded from our site, or accessed through the PAMIS Library Service.


PAMIS General Leaflet (digital)

Click here to download our latest leaflet: PAMIS Generic Leaflet 2021 Final Copy


PAMIS Picnic Book

Click here to download our long awaited recipe book!

PAMIS Picnic Recipe Book

This was originally put together as an idea for a PAMIS fundraiser with the recipe book due to be printed and sold however this was put on hold due to COVID. We are now offering it to you as a free download to make sure your post lockdown picnics are even more special!

This is free and there is absolutely no obligation to make a donation but we have popped a Just Giving link below for anyone who wants it.

Thank you!


Coronavirus and People with Learning Disabilities Study

Click here to read relevant background papers: condensed ask – PAMIS;  family carer visiting CH RH SL; and SBAR acute care pathway for people with PMLD final plus append


Leisure Publications

PAMIS healthy lifestyles project: Supporting healthy lifestyles for people with PMLD and their carers by Brenda Garrard. Click here to read >

Digital Passport Publications

Digital Passport Leaflet Click here to read >

Multi-sensory Storytelling Publications

Multi-sensory storytelling: For people with PMLD by Loretto Lambe. Click here to read >

Healthcare Publications

Executive summary – Minimising risks and maximising rights by Brenda Garrard, Loretto Lambe & James Hogg.  Click here to read >

Invasive procedures and people with PIMD  by Michael Brown & Jenny Miller. Click here to read >

Postural Care Publications

Postural Care: A guide to 24 hour postural management for family carers by PAMIS & NHS Lanarkshire. Click here to download

Craig’s experience and the postural care campaign by Jenny Whinnett & Anna Waugh. Click here to read >

Transition Publications

Moving on: Facilitating the transition from child to adult services for young people with PMLD by Elizabeth McBride & Alana McDicken. Click here to read >

Bereavement and Loss Publications 

PAMIS’ bereavement and loss learning resource pack: Supporting bereaved people with PMLD and their carers by Hannah Young, Brenda Garrard & Loretto Lambe. Click here to more information >

Bereavement and loss: Developing a memory box to support a young woman with PMLD by Hannah Young & Brenda Garrard Click here to access >

Emotional Well-being Publications

The well-being project: Identifying and meeting the needs of young people with PMLD and their carers by Maureen Phillip, Loretto Lambe & James Hogg. Click here to read >