All of these publications can be downloaded from our site, or accessed through the PAMIS Library Service.


Leisure Publications

PAMIS healthy lifestyles project: Supporting healthy lifestyles for people with PMLD and their carers by Brenda Garrard. Click here to read >

Digital Passport Publications

Digital Passport Leaflet Click here to read >

Multi-sensory Storytelling Publications

Multi-sensory storytelling: For people with PMLD by Loretto Lambe. Click here to read >

Healthcare Publications

Executive summary – Minimising risks and maximising rights by Brenda Garrard, Loretto Lambe & James Hogg.  Click here to read >

Invasive procedures and people with PIMD  by Michael Brown & Jenny Miller. Click here to read >

Postural Care Publications

Postural Care: A guide to 24 hour postural management for family carers by PAMIS & NHS Lanarkshire. Click here to download

Craig’s experience and the postural care campaign by Jenny Whinnett & Anna Waugh. Click here to read >

Transition Publications

Moving on: Facilitating the transition from child to adult services for young people with PMLD by Elizabeth McBride & Alana McDicken. Click here to read >

Bereavement and Loss Publications 

PAMIS’ bereavement and loss learning resource pack: Supporting bereaved people with PMLD and their carers by Hannah Young, Brenda Garrard & Loretto Lambe. Click here to more information >

Bereavement and loss: Developing a memory box to support a young woman with PMLD by Hannah Young & Brenda Garrard Click here to access >

Emotional Well-being Publications

The well-being project: Identifying and meeting the needs of young people with PMLD and their carers by Maureen Phillip, Loretto Lambe & James Hogg. Click here to read >