The Calling – a poem and video resource, celebrating Tentsmuir.




This resource is a celebration of the land, people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, community and poetry.  The poem, The Calling, uses voice, and sensory stimuli to celebrate the landscape of  Tentsmuir.  Arianne and Rachel both participated in the STANZA Poetry Festival in St Andrews early 2020 and brought the story and sounds of Tensmuir to the festival audience. Please feel free to download the poem, which has suggestions for sensing the poem.  You can be as creative as you want to be with the poem. You can create the sounds of the forest and the sea, story umbrella’s can also be created for the forest and the sea. You can make an ocean drum and instruments to help you from the instrument resource pack.

There is a link to a beautiful collage making video titled, Kinshaldy Beach Project, created for PAMIS, by artist Jean Duncan to help you create a collage while listening to the sea.

We would love you to share a picture of your collage with us. Send them to [email protected]

The Calling – Tentsmuir