Celebrating the Artist Helen Johnston

My story

Helen Johnston

This is my story and what makes me tick.


Here is the latest project highlighting the work of PAMIS online Art for Well-being artist Helen Johnston. As part of the art group who participated in the Edinburgh International Book Festival alongside George Webster, Helen celebrated the theme of George’s book “This Is Me”. Helen continued to work on this theme and inspired by the book, she has created another story that highlights the things she love.

The story Helen has created reflects her love of different things that make her happy. She chose to illustrate clothes, shoes and shopping, drinking tea and eating Jaffa cakes, but she also enjoys listening to music and art of course. Helen used watercolour and colouring pencils and pens, glitter and crayon to make her artwork, with assistance. She was offered simple choices at several stages of the illustrations, with colour, use of medium such as watercolour/ colour pencil and the shapes of features and symbols. Helen is delighted her illustrations have been assembled together as a story to describe herself in a glowing light.

Helen made her own version of a LS Lowry painting, by queuing for the shops alongside match stick people. She used the same colours as LS Lowry used for his scenes, such as deep green for the roof tops, dark brown and lighter pale colours for the house and shop fronts. He chose a cool palette of colours which Helen learnt about and used so well in her work. Helen also learnt how Lowry put his compositions together, she learned how the buildings and shops fitted together, their sizes, shapes and features like the chimneys that are characteristic of Lowry paintings, which reflect life and industry in Salford, Manchester at that time. She included herself in her painting in her wheelchair as a keen shopper. This painting also shows how well Helen has chosen where to put the stick people in her work, They are spaced between themselves with great thought of spacial awarenesses, showing Helen’s ability to choose the colours for clothes which compliment the scene. All the decisions she made when making her artwork describe her wonderful story in a shining light.”  Helen we celebrate your story.


My story by Helen Johnston Read Helen’s Story here.