Me, My Community, My Story

PAMIS was awarded funding from Inspiring Scotland to support a creative community programme for children and young people in Highland Perthshire. Me, My Community, My Story is an arts programme based in Aberfeldy and led by the community.

  Jane Carmichael

Jane is the parent who is leading the community programme.  She is passionate about community inclusion and is proactive in ensuring the children and young people in Rural Perthshire have access to creative arts and activities. Jane is a qualified teacher and social worker who is dedicated to ensuring that children and young people are given the opportunity to be fully involved in their community and that their voices are heard.

Click here to view a video of Cameron’s art, music and poetry that he has created as part of the programme.

The group have been remarkable in their artistic creations and at adapting to working online when necessary.  So far they have created amazing stories, painted fantastic artwork and are about to start organising their drama and music sessions for their performance of their stories in July 2021. More pictures coming soon!!!


The Little Rays (Angus)

This is a group for children (aged 0-5) in Angus. It is hosted online, jointly by Amanda Scott, Principal Teacher Complex Needs, Schools and Learning and Alex Hoskins, PAMIS Family Support Director.   The main focus is on fun. Weekly  music, singing, art and stories are enjoyed by the children and their families.   This group have grown organically over time and it is a space where children and families can come together and relax and have fun together.  Being involved in this community has not only fostered relationships between people, but also through the regular PAMIS multi-sensory storytelling sessions, their skills and talents as writers and artists have been revealed.  In this safe space the families have found a place where their talents are recognised and encouraged. They have created their own stories that have grown from the regular storytelling topics.  This creative community continue to flourish and develop their creative skills. The video below is a creative description created by Raven’s mum Daria of what the group means to families.  We hope you enjoy the Kingdom of the Little Rays.



Spring and dragon inspired stories. 

Here are some examples of the stories that the families have created.

Alex’s mum Silje wrote this story for him.



Gifts for the Easter Goddess Ostara from Raven’s mum Daria. 

Far away where pine trees grew and rapid streams danced down the hills,

I saw Ostara- the Goddess of Spring marching with passion, bouncing on her feet.

Snowdrops, Daffodils and Wild Primroses sewn up with sun’s rays enveloped her gently a most beautiful dress.

Her golden hair gliding freely through the waves of air… each time her barefoot touched winter ground the world around her steps turned emerald.

The choir of Blackbirds, Wrens and Sparrows was filling her ears with a most joyous melody.

As she arrived, her milky white arms opened up widely gifting to the world Spring and Easter. Wrapped up tightly in her love and generous hug of happiness and joy. Her kindness began to spread all around.

That was when the mysterious shadow appeared suddenly!

Her head went up spotting a long, fiery ribbon swimming smoothly across the azure blue skies. Immediately she knew that the mysterious creature was her good friend Phoenix. With fire in her wings, she was soaring in the wind dancing with the clouds in the daylight.

Traveling the world Phoenix discovered the meaning of life but now she was ready to return home. As she was greeting each day with hope there was one question that would not leave her alone. Her soul kept whispering “fly towards the freedom”, but her head would try to reason with her soul asking “where is this path you are following leading you?”

These tormenting thoughts made her lost and sad, that was when she heard a familiar voice singing from afar. The serene tune travelled through the skies, found her and said “the Spring has arrived”. No time to waste! she knew that Ostara would bring peace back into her heart.

Although the journey was long, her destination was near and at last following the sunlight’s path she landed at Ostara’s feet

Smiles spread across the two friend’s faces evolving into welcoming, tight embrace.

As they renewed their bond, the Phoenix spoke softly “I have something for you”. Resting in her palms was red and orange fiery stone that looked like most precious jewel. Ostara opened her eyes wide then asked her friend what it was she had?

This is a fragment of my soul I recovered during my travels. I want you to have it, so even when I am not with you, I know this will keep you warm no matter how cold your days will become. The fire of my soul is secured in here, therefore whenever you trip over life’s obstacles, the power hidden inside will always protect you and help you rise up stronger.

Ostara picked her gift up placing it near her heart, looking deeply into Phoenix’s eyes she thanked her friend in a form of her most loving smile.

Returning Ostara’s smile Phoenix said: “hold my hand it is time to spread your caring, kind and gentle spirit of spring into every corner of the world.”

Together they flew away towards the sun, Phoenix bearing Ostara aloft, delivering hope and awakening into every being.

Leo’s gifts for the Easter Goddess of Spring

Leo’s mum Claire and Leo created this magical painting for the story and Leo baked pancakes as a gift.

What a star!!




Leo and his mum also wrote a dragon story together which you can watch here. We hope you enjoy Leo’s dragon story.



The group also created a story that was featured as story of the week at Moat Brae, The National Centre for Children’s  Literature and Storytelling. You can hear the stories by clicking the link below