Digital Passports

We have developed a digital resource that addresses some challenges around communication within education, health and social care.  It encourages partnership working between family carers, paid carers and professionals.

PAMIS’ Digital Passports are a flick-through e-book that can be created and displayed on tablet devices. Each one holds information about one individual, covering:

  • social, emotional and physical care
  • communication
  • medical care procedures
  • assessment tools
  • videos, pictures and sounds.

Practical uses of the Digital Passport include:

  • establishing a communication pathway – for example, between school and home
  • empowering families with a tool they can use for training carers
  • supporting people to understand the needs of the individual – for example, facilitating care assessments.

Our digital initiative was part of the reason why we won a
2016 GSK Impact Award.

Watch this video to see an example of how the Digital Passports work.

PAMIS have a dedicated team to create and develop Digital Passports. We are also offering training and development for education, health and social care organisations.