Self-directed Support

PAMIS is a member of Self Directed Support Scotland

PAMIS recognise that family carers require advice and support to access and manage some of these options.

What is Self-directed Support?

Self-directed Support (SDS) is a new approach to accessing and delivering community care, in Scotland.  This means that people now have more flexibility, choice and control around their care.  Local authorities must offer one of the following options to those in need of care and support:

  1. the local authority makes a direct payment to the supported person for them to arrange and purchase their own support
  2. the supported person chooses their support and the local authority makes arrangements for the provision of that support
  3. the local authority selects and arranges support
  4. a mix of the above is used to meet the needs of the person.

Project Aims

  • Network with other organisations offering services or support around SDS
  • Monitor and respond to proposed amendments to the SDS Act
  • Highlight any concerns that will affect those with PMLD and their family carers
  • Promote the importance of the family carer’s needs within any SDS package of care
  • Provide more one to one support to family carers who are going through the SDS process
  • Increase the use of Digital Passports to enable the person with PMLD to share their story
  • Enable the use of all PAMIS resources to improve the experience of the person with PMLD.

For example, managing payments for employed carers may be seen as a daunting task, but we offer training and support to help navigate these aspects.  Empowering Conversations is one such approach to facilitating this: