We officially launched the Postural Care film, which we developed in partnership with NHS Lanarkshire, at Blythswood Square Hotel in Glasgow on the 8th August 2017.

The film is now available nationally on DVD format, via the PAMIS channel on YouTube, on the PAMIS website, on the NHS Lanarkshire website. Please feel free to share this resource with others including schools, respite services, care agencies, day centres and family carers.

We have also launched our updated information booklets which we also developed with NHS Lanarkshire and these are also available as a national resource in pdf format. These booklets are available both with and without the DVD.

To get your copies, please get in touch with our PAMIS Head Office on 01382 385 154.




Information Booklet


Postural Care Champions Support Network




Postural Care (Full Length)
This film has been produced by family carers, PAMIS and NHS Lanarkshire Allied Health Professionals.
34 minutes, 44 seconds

Postural Care: Introduction (Segment 1)
6 minutes, 09 seconds

What is Posture? (Segment 2)
3 minutes, 37 seconds

What Causes Body Shape to Change? (Segment 3)
2 minutes, 34 seconds

What is Postural Care? (Segment 4)
14 minutes, 22 seconds

Postural Care: Sharing Knowledge (Segment 5)
3 minutes, 48 seconds

Benefits of 24-Hour Postural Care (Segment 6)
2 minutes, 44 seconds