Loving Laura

One the first day I gazed at you
How different you looked from the other two.
A voice in my head hoped you’d be alright
I guess I knew the truth that very first night,
And the tears flowed freely.

Through illness and pain, you continue to smile.
Back and forward to hospitals, mile after mile
Looking for answers as to what went wrong.
We, your family, need to know. No matter how long.
It’s been a long journey and far from easy
And the tears flowed freely.

You can be loving and funny in that world of yours,
Or violent and disruptive with a voice that roars,
Confused and mad to a point that I fear.
A voice in my head cries, “How will you cope in the coming years?”.
And the tears flowed freely.

So when all you spectators tell me how well I cope,
You always seem so cheery and quick with a joke.
What you don’t see are the bruises and pain.
They’re just for me and just like the rain
The tears flowed freely.