The Kippford Mermaid by ‘The Arts End of Somewhere ‘

The Kippford Mermaid
A Multi-Sensory Story


Created by The Arts End of Somewhere

1. On a cool night, a Sailor on his way back to Dalbeattie, thought he saw a seal and whistled for its attention.

(Make the sound of whistling or use musical instruments that make this sound)

2. It was not a seal but a beautiful mermaid who was in love with the Sailor!

(Pass around the mermaid doll)

3. One day, the Sailor was at sea just off the coast of Kippford and there was a terrible storm

(Shake the rain stick)

4. The Captain and all the crew were washed away. The Sailor tried to hold on to the boat but had to              let go.

 (Wave the model boat)

 5. The mermaid came to his rescue. He felt her long hair around him and her strong tail.

(Run fingers through hair)

 6. The mermaid dragged the man to shore and stayed with him all night. He awoke to the smell of                  the beach.

(Sand and shells in a box to smell

7. The Sailor fell in love with the mermaid and they were very happy swimming in the sea together.

(Dip fingers in water)

 8. They had many children who had black curly hair like their father and silver tails like their


(Silver mermaid tail)

9. They were so happy together.

10. Sadly, the Sailor went back to work on the sea and was in another terrible storm. He fell

overboard but the mermaid could not find him and he died.

(Shake the blue sheet to create waves)

The story of the Sailor and the mermaid became a famous story to warn other sailors to be careful at sea.