Stories around the fire

Monday 23rd January
10.30am to 2.30pm

PAMIS is a registered charity and the only organisation in Scotland that works solely to support people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and their family carers for a more inclusive life.

Here at PAMIS we are passionate about storytelling and there are lots of exciting story projects happening. The benefits of storytelling are well known and at PAMIS we explore personal stories, stories from the oral storytelling tradition, sensitive stories and many more. Stories are a fun way to learn so whether you want to explore personal narrative or play around with folktales, fairy tales or myths and legends, multi–sensory stories are a wonderful and fun way to engage with people with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

On Monday 23rd January, we are taking part in the Fire Starter Festival, a week-long festival of collaborative learning events. Come along and sit around our virtual camp fire and explore, develop and design stories that will capture your imagination, engage your creative spirit and ignite your curiosity.

We will focus particularly on how you can take this forward in educational establishments and support the inclusion of some of society’s most excluded people.

Lunch will be provided. Camp coffee and toasted marshmallows are optional 😉

Drama Room, Dalhousie Building
University of Dundee
Hunter Street
Dundee, DD1 5EN

“When a story is told it is not forgotten. It becomes something else. The memory of who we were, the hope of what we can become.”