Multi-sensory story making




‘Sitting by my window’

By Gill and Leo.

I’m not feeling very happy today

Place hand on chest/hand/back/move clockwise for ‘sad face’

I’m not allowed to go out and play

Hand in front of face in ‘stop’ gesture

Sitting by my window bored, I sigh

‘Window’ – card with fabric on string, play with curtains             

And watch the dark clouds passing by

Dark scarf or top, move slowly in front of face

The wind picks up, I feel a chill

Fan (or homemade paper fan) wafted quickly

As rain lashes down on the windowsill

Rainmaker, or trickling rice on foil through fingers

But it doesn’t last for long and then,

I smile as the sun comes out again

Place hand on chest/hand/back, move anticlockwise for ‘happy face’

The wind is now a gentle breeze

Fan or (homemade paper fan) wafted slowly

Birds start to sing high up in the trees

Bird toys with sound effects, or whistle. Can you make bird sounds?

The rain makes everything fresh and new

I smell the damp grass and flowers too

Air fresheners, scented candle, herbs, perfume sprayed on paper or material

With the sun’s orange glow shining warm on my face

Hold yellow t-shirt or clean duster in front of face and shine a torch through it

I remember that home is my very favourite place

Don’t forget the cuddle!