A story from the Staff at Lilybank Resource Centre, Forfar

img_1737_fotor-150x150The World Tae Me!!! by Fiona

I’d like to read this story, it’s all to do with me.
It tells you all about my job, and what it means to me.

With cloot in hand, and pinny on, am ready to begin
To give the place a good auld dicht ̵   ’til it’s shining like a pin.

Then on the bus I do jump, ready to collect.
It’s a brand new day beginning, lets mak sure abody’s needs are met  ―

img_1738_fotor-150x150Coz fae swimming tae the baking, and gardening, and aw that art ―
There’s something that’s even closer, and it comes straight fae my heart!

There’s nothing like a guid auld story tae express just how we feel,
To see abody’s smiley faces, maks athing just so real.

The confidence has grown in each and every one, and abody
Likes to tak their turn and join in aw the fun. Our stories are very creative and the props we all decide,
But nothing taks awa the friendship, coz that is here to bide.

img_1739_fotor-150x150Stories can be therapeutic and mak us feel good inside, and
Coz we like to tell them, it fills us with great pride.

They often mak us hae a greet, and bring tears of happiness too ―
And sometimes we can just be so damn silly – ye dinnae hae a clue!!

But for me, my confidence has grown ―
And satisfaction beyond compare. If it wasnae for all you service users
And aw the things we share. So for each and every one of you who frequent Lilybank
img_1740_fotor-150x150I canne say much mair than “Av got you to thank”

So storytelling for me is a passion, you’ll quite agree!
I get so much tae it… and it means

“The World Tae Me!!!”