World Toilet Day 2022 – Changing Places Toilets

November the 19th is World Toilet Day, an annual United Nations observance which aims to raise awareness of people living without access to safe toilets. PAMIS has dedicated over 30 years to this issue since many of the families our charity supports face daily inequality due to the lack of appropriate toilet facilities in Scotland. While a recent survey of RiDC (Research Institute for Disabled Consumers) members and wider Changing Places toilet community members showed that 78% of respondents had heard of Changing Places toilets and knew what they were, there is much work still to be done raising awareness among the wider public, many of whom have never heard of a Changing Places toilet. Our request to you this World Toilet Day is to help us shout about Changing Places toilets, what they are and why we need more of them to be built in Scotland. Things you can do to help: 

  1. Share this post so your friends can read it, follow PAMIS on social media and help us reach new audiences. 
  2. Come along to the Cross Party Group for Changing Places toilets.  Meetings take place online in the evenings. To sign up to the mailing list for the group contact [email protected]   
  3. Do you know a venue in your local area that could benefit from installing a Changing Places toilet or are you a venue manager or owner? Get in touch with our dedicated team at PAMIS for FREE planning and installation advice, how to get started – finding the space and  funding, advice on ongoing management and upkeep, security and locking options and so much more. Download our FREE publication The Practical Guide for examples and technical guidance. 
  4. The Scottish Government are fully committed to increasing the number of Changing Places toilets across the country. Download a copy of their free Planning Guide on their website. 
  5. PAMIS offer a whole range of training courses and we have a dedicated Changing Places Awareness course for venue staff. To find out more about this course please visit the training section on our website.
  6. Help spread the word about mobile Changing Places toilet options such as our very own PAMILOO, a self contained toilet on wheels that can be hired for outdoor events, concerts and festivals. 
  7. Get in touch with the team at PAMIS if you want to find out more about ways you can help: [email protected] or visit the official Changing Places toilet website for lots of useful campaigning tools and case studies: