Why is PAMIS campaigning for a mobile Changing Places in Scotland?

Last November, during our Spend a Penny for PAMIS campaign, we launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring the first mobile Changing Places facility to Scotland. We are raising the £65,000 necessary to purchase a fully accessible mobile changing facility that can be taken to events and locations across Scotland where no Changing Places facilities are currently present.

So why is PAMIS campaigning to bring a mobile Changing Places facility to Scotland? English organisation, Mobiloo recently published this video on their YouTube channel to demonstrate the benefits of a Mobiloo vehicle:

During Spend a Penny 2016, Mobiloo were kind enough to bring their vehicle to Scotland to allow families to see it in action. Laura Rutherford, whose son Brody has Global Developmental Delay, had this to say about the facility:

“A Mobiloo in Scotland would make a huge difference to so many lives, ours included.

There are numerous outdoors events like A Day Out With Thomas, The Enchanted Forrest and Firework displays, which we really have to consider attending because of inaccessible toilet and changing facilities.

A Mobiloo would mean no changing Brody in the boot of our car or simply not being able to go to big events. It would mean we felt welcome and included.

Brody deserves the same opportunities to attend events in Scotland as everyone else. He is different, not less.”


We want to ensure that there is a mobile Changing Places facility available to our families so they can attend events such as festivals,sporting fixtures, exhibitions and many more. We want to increase the number of events across Scotland that are fully inclusive to everyone. You can support our campaign to bring this facility to Scotland on JustGiving.