Welcome to Rosie Dyke

Her course is Sports Coaching and Development at the University of Highlands and Islands based in Perth.

At the beginning of the week Rosie attended a student information session on communication led by our Tayside Director, Maureen.  It covered sensory stories, digital passports and bereavement and loss as well as the use of memory boxes.  Rosie returned to the office with lots of great ideas about developing a multi-sensory story on accessible leisure, possibly ice skating.

Rosie is also working on an inclusive sporting event, reflecting on previous events run by PAMIS.  She has been busy designing a questionnaire for families, poster, and evaluation form.

We enjoyed a visit to the Whitetop Centre in Dundee.  Graeme who attends the day centre was really excited about seeing himself on the big screen – he starred in a film about PAMIS which was part of the GSK Impact Award in 2016.

Rosie hopes to link up with our Fife Leisure officer at the end of the week.  A busy week’s placement!

Good luck with your course work and come back and volunteer with us in the future.