Volunteering with PAMIS by Maja Szczurkova

I first heard of PAMIS when I was looking for a placement to get a work experience for my Psychology course. At that time, I didn’t know much about people with PMLD. I really liked the aim of PAMIS to make people with PMLD and their families more included in society and I felt that I could apply some of my Psychology knowledge while working with them. Therefore, I decided to join the team of PAMIS volunteers. Together with other staff and volunteers I have been helping with My Time Family Fun and Friendship Club.  My main focus has been on the siblings. As they are growing up in a family that needs to adapt its lifestyle to the needs of the person with PMLD, they may sometimes lack social interaction or feel excluded from some activities. Activities I usually do at the club include baking, decorating, and various arts and crafts. As I’ve been volunteering with the club for over a year now, I got to know some of the families better and it is always nice to see them coming back and asking what activities we will do. This shows that they enjoy the time spent at the club and makes me feel positive about my work. “I always felt very supported by all the PAMIS staff and other volunteers” and “it has been a great experience”.