Take part in a Scottish Government consultation on Tackling Social Isolation and Loneliness

The Scottish Government has launched a Consultation on the Draft strategy for ‘A Connected Scotland: Tackling Social Isolation and Loneliness and Building Stronger Social Connections’. The closing date of this consultation is 30th April 2018.

A new national strategy, one of the first in the world, is being developed to tackle loneliness and isolation. The draft plan, will look at the causes of social isolation and loneliness and how they can be addressed. Views are also being sought on how communities can build on the work of the Scottish Government, and lead on ensuring those at risk of becoming lonely or isolated have access to the right support networks.

Engagement Sessions are taking place across the country including Edinburgh, Dundee and Inverness. This consultation is open to both individuals and organisations and a tool kit is available should organisations wish to consult their own members. The more people who can attend this session the better as it is not often that we get Scottish Government Consultation events in Dundee.

More information about the consultation and the engagement sessions can be found here https://consult.gov.scot/equality-unit/connected-scotland/