Storytelling News

Loretto’s Story box

Claire Hewitt and Maureen Phillip have been working hard on the development of the multi-sensory storytelling resource which we are developing in memory of Loretto.  We now have three stories complete and the craft department at Camphill community, Corbenic near Dunkeld have been hard at work making some of the multi-sensory stimuli for the stories.  We have also had lovely sharing sessions with the musicians at Corbenic,  who will be recording the music for this resource and who will be performing along with Tayberry multi-sensory storytellers and Claire and Maureen at our international conference next year.  We are now working on the books for the resource and you can keep updated on the progress of this on our story blog.

Tayberry multi-sensory storytelling project and PAMIS Tayberry logo

IMG_6246 -resizedPAMIS have been busy developing a multi-sensory storytelling course in partnership with Tayberry Enterprise for their multi-sensory storytelling apprentices.  Tayberry Enterprise were awarded funding from the government Keys to Life Fund to expand the successful Dundee course to other areas and the course began this August.   An outreach programme will be offered in Dundee, Angus, Perth and Kinross, Fife and Aberdeenshire in the following months.  Look out for more details coming soon. Tayberry’s existing multi-sensory storytellers have been participating in the development of the programme of events that we have held while developing Loretto’s story box and will be performing at the PAMIS international conference next year.

Therapeutic storytelling

therapeutic storytelling -resizedPAMIS were pleased to offer therapeutic storytelling workshops hosted by Dr Michael Williams, the workshops which were attended by staff, volunteers and family carers. The Caring Voices workshop looked at the art of storytelling in relation to creating a personal narrative that could be shared with others and contribute to information sharing, learning and development. As a learning tool the narrative of the personal story about caring, offers the opportunity to inform others about living with those with profound and multiple learning disabilities, and also how shared stories about caring can make a difference to others.  It was a brilliant workshop that we hope to develop further and we are keen to run another caring voices workshop with Dr Williams specifically for male family members. We will also be exploring funding to develop some digital stories that will contribute to learning and development, so again look out for further information on this in the coming months.

Creative Art and Poetry workshops

Creative Art resizedThese workshops have been run by Vivienne Crighton who is a facilitator of The Naked Voice and Poetry Depths workshops.  These introductory workshops have enabled carers to have time to explore and express their own unique direct experience through the written word of poetry and creative art in a simple and fun way.  The outcome of these workshops will be on display at the international conference next year.

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