Profound Impact Day 2020 ‘Volunteering at My Time’ – a blog by Kathryn Bugg

“In the past I had often thought to myself why would someone want to volunteer their time to do a job without getting paid?!? Then through my various roles in health and social care, and my university course, I became acquainted with PAMIS and the work they do. What an amazing group of people, a true community.


Through volunteering at the ‘My Time’ friendship club and family days at the RNIB centre with PAMIS, I have been privileged to meet and get to know many incredible children and young people, and their loved ones. I have been humbled and inspired by their smiles, sense of self, lust for life and laughs. I’m talking about you guys living with profound and multiple learning disabilities, you who share so much enthusiasm for the world we live in. You find and share joy in everything you experience, and can teach us so much from one single action. I’m talking about cups of tea with families, friends, carers and staff, cheers from the music room, laughter bouncing out from the trampoline room, giggles under the parachute, and hilarity at the Ceilidh.

Promoting a more inclusive society…spending time together for the sheer pleasure of being together and supporting one another…

Dear PAMIS and Friends, Thank you so much for having me, I can’t wait to see you all again soon!”  Kathryn

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