Profound Impact Day 2020 – The Things I Am Thankful For- A blog by Laura Rutherford


“My eldest child Brody is 8 years old and has a learning disability (amongst other things). As much as being at home is hard for our entire family, it’s harder on him. He doesn’t understand why this is happening and why life and routine as he knows it has suddenly stopped. It is not easy. I admit, a number of weeks into this surreal lockdown, I’ve found it hard at times not to not let negative thoughts and tiredness win. It is starting to take its toll; missing family, friends, routine and respite. However, it’s also highlighted a lot of things that I am grateful for.


With that in mind – and trying to take a positive spin on it all – these are the things that have hugely helped and kept me (semi) sane.


Social Media


If you have a child with disabilities, chances are you’ll already use social media and have online friends. Facebook groups and online forums can be a lifesaver when you are searching the internet for answers and need ‘been there advice’ from those who truly get it. During this lockdown, social media has allowed us to keep connecting and talk to family and friends. This is so important, particularly when we are isolated. It can make all the difference to our mental health. How great is it that family and friends can be reached in a click?


Online Resources


The internet is truly a magical, enabling resource. Thanks to the internet I’ve been able to shop for food, buy my daughter’s birthday presents, order pharmacy prescriptions, watch videos from my son’s teacher and connect with his medical team. Just this morning, I was able to send recordings of his seizures via an online portal to his neurologist for feedback. Grateful.


Teaching Staff

Every week since my son stopped going to school, his lovely teacher has called to find out how we are and if there is anything that she can do to help. There is no home schooling as such in our house, but this token of kindness is so appreciated. Teaching staff are invaluable.





Our Home


 I’ve always referred to our house as our ‘happy place’ or our ‘safe place’ and whilst we are all undoubtedly sick of the walls that surround us and looking forward to the freedom of visiting more places, our home continues to serve as well. It has everything we need from equipment and safety gates to a garden we are fortunate enough to enjoy. If we were to be stuck in this situation anywhere else, it would be impossible. Although I do find my ‘let’s stay home’ wall art rather ironic now!










The Kindness of Others


Above all, lockdown has highlighted the kindness of others. Fantastic keyworkers doing everything they can to help us and quite literally risking their lives. People raising funds to help charities like PAMIS survive this pandemic. The amazing Captain Tom raising millions for the NHS. The family and friends who drop things off on your doorstep when things are not particularly easy for any of us. Kindness wins. Always.


This is a strange and difficult time for every single one of us. We are all affected by this pandemic in different ways and it can be hard to not let is get to you at times. It’s an emotional rollercoaster. But when you are finding it hard, just remember everything you’ve overcome in the past and know we’re in this together – and we will overcome this too.”

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