PAMIS Webinar: Neuroscience, Narrative and PMLD

Following our Webinar, we were thrilled with all the positive response and interest around this topic and want to share the subsequent information: recording of the Webinar; and, 2 follow up events planned for next week.

Follow up sessions – we will be organising several events to follow up from the Webinar. The first two are immediate, whilst the knowledge is fresh in our memories.  Mark’s theories show that the insights of families into the emotions felt by their children with PMLD are real and valid. So how can we build on his ideas?

May 3rd 20.00-21.00 GMT+1pm Focus on families

Pat Graham put the practical question “What can I, as a parent, do in my home to develop these skills?”. This meeting is an opportunity for you to share your thoughts and suggestions. Practitioners, researchers and professionals are welcome, to listen and learn!  Zoom link below.

May 5th 16.00-17.00 GMT+1 Focus on practice, policy, and research

How do these theories fit with your own practice? What would you like to develop or change? What are the implications for service delivery? What more do we need to find out? Family members welcome to take part. Zoom link below.

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 853 9599 3562

Any queries about these sessions please contact Nicola Grove: [email protected]

Recordings – you can watch a recording of the Webinar on Zoom or listen to the audio, just click on the links:



More information will be available soon with an ‘easy read’ version of Mark’s theory and with answers to some of the questions raised during the evening.