PAMIS Online Art for Well-being Group


The PAMIS online art for well-being group started during COVID 19 providing a much needed and appropriate activity. It also offered the chance for young people to make friends. The online art group also supports and  develops the knowledge and skills of young people who are  interested in art and the creative process.   The group have continued to develop their skills creating a wide variety of artwork that we are pleased to share with you. The group are led by David Grigor of Blind Create and you can view some of the work of the PAMIS artists on David’s website. Each artist has their own gallery on the website should they wish to display their work. We hope you enjoy browsing the website  to see the work of our amazing artists.

The links below will enable you to browse some of the galleries on  We have further news regarding future work to announce soon! Thanks to Better Breaks for funding this work. Please feel free to browse everyone’s work.

Link to Jessica’s Gallery:

Link to the project page on the Summer Beach scene, just scroll down to see Jack’s painting: