Thoughts from Jenny!

IMG_2773We are moving into our next strategy and would like your thoughts on what we should be doing over the next 5 -10 years. I would like to share a wee part of the acceptance speech for the GSK impact award to give you a flavour of some of our thoughts about what we need to promote.

“Profound means deep, it means wise, expert, requiring great insight and /or knowledge. PAMIS are an organisation privileged to be working with people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and their family carers. We know that we won the award because of everything that they have taught us. They are the expert educators – teaching us how to care, how to act with compassion, how to work as a team and how to make human connections. …….”

So part of what we see for the future is the promotion of the crucial and valued role of people with PMLD and their family carers as educators of health and social care practitioners but also of their communities. “Education is a most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world”. We look forward to hearing from you.