An interview with Heather, a volunteer at PAMIS

What event did you volunteer for? I volunteered for the preparation and the five days during the summer at Camperdown Park for Camp PAMIS.

What jobs did you do before, during and after the event?
Before the event, I was part of planning and preparing activities for the families coming to Camp PAMIS and sorting out what supplies we were going to bring with us. We also went up to Camperdown Park before the event to see where each activity was going to be held and how much room we would have for each. The few days before the camp we went back up to the park and help set up the sports, storytelling in the yurt, arts and crafts in the indoor room and outdoor activities around Camperdown, ready for camp. During the event, I helped around at the activities and sometimes dressed up as Winnie the Pooh and took pictures with the families around the park! After the event, there was a lot of clearing up to do, I helped pack up all of the supplies and tidy the indoor room.

How did you feel meeting PAMIS families and staff?
I enjoyed meeting all the families and staff at PAMIS, even if I was in a big Winnie the Pooh suit! I also felt happy to see that the families who came to Camp PAMIS seemed to really enjoy coming!

What activity did you enjoy the most?
I enjoyed the outdoor sports activity the most because there was lots of options for the families to try. Families had the freedom to stay for as long as they wanted. It was also very fun to set up since there were so many things to put out!

What was the venue like?
Camperdown Park was a really good size for Camp PAMIS, since it was also a wildlife park, there were other places to visit there out-with Camp PAMIS. The Emu’s there were very friendly with everyone and enjoyed watching our giant bubbles float above them!!

What was the most challenging part for you?
The most challenging part for me was trying to stay in one activity because there always seemed to be something fun going on everywhere!!

Did you learn anything new from this volunteering experience?
During this volunteering experience, I learned that events like Camp PAMIS take a lot of planning. Seeing all the ’behind the scenes’ of the event was very interesting because I hadn’t really seen that before, it showed me all the effort and time that goes into these events!

Would you volunteer again?
I would definitely volunteer again! Camp PAMIS was a really fun volunteering experience and I would love to do something like that again, I hope to volunteer at Camp PAMIS again.