Golden Ticket

golden-ticket-imagePAMIS are excited about the beginning of a relationship with Dundee Science Centre After an evening with the Dundee and Angus Tourist Bureau where PAMIS highlighted the issues of accessible venues and days out for people with PMLD and their families, Dundee Science Centre approached us about how to support the work that we do. We have spoken with them about changing places toilets, accessible exhibits, science based multi-sensory storytelling and so much more. They are an amazingly responsive and creative team and we are really excited about what we might be able to do for the future.

Meantime we have bought a Golden Ticket that enables PAMIS families access to the centre for free for a whole year and starting from August 2016. You will need to book via the Centre, highlight that you are a PAMIS family and then they will allocate you a mutually agreed session. We are hoping this will the beginning of a number of things that we can do to support parents and carers during holidays and weekends.

If you are at the Science Centre and need to use the changing places toilet there is one in the Dundee office (Monday – Friday) but if we are given notice we can also look at how we could support people at weekends. Hopefully there will be one at  the centre in the near future and there are others in Dundee too – please see

Since then, we have also had meetings with Glasgow Science Centre – so watch this space for future developments there too!