Dundee University Global Health Challenge

CEO Jenny and Board Member Pat attended the launch of the 2nd Dundee University Global Health challenge –  – an exciting opportunity to tap into the entrepreneurial vein of enthusiastic and highly motivated students from across all 9 schools within University of Dundee. We pitched along with another 6 organisations and are thrilled to have a fab selection of students keen to support our challenge about how people with PMLD and their families have ” a great day out”.

About the  Global Health Challenge:

The University seeks to transform lives locally and globally, driven by our core values of valuing people, working together, integrity, making a difference, and excellence. The Global Health Challenge (GHC), now in its second year, is an opportunity created for people from across different knowledge domains to work together to make a difference and transform lives by tackling one of the key challenges that the University has identified: improving social, cultural and physical well-being.

We will keep you posted on how the students are doing and might ask for your input to answer some of their deep questions as they are ” gifted with learning and practicing five skills for enterprise: creative problem solving; deep listening; immersive empathy; networking and visualization. They will be encouraged to see the world differently, to be concerned with social justice and uncover deep insights – receiving input from a remarkable list of local organisations, national industry speakers and recognized mentors from business, design, healthcare and academia to inspire and inform their work on innovation.”

It was a great event which included Jenny and Pat, grooving to Northern Soul – along with everyone else we hasten to add! Fabulous creative ice breaker! Watch out this might be a new workshop addition!