Hearing the voices of people with PMLD and their families as the Scottish Covid 19 Enquiry

PAMIS were designated as Core Participants in the Scottish Covid 19 Inquiry in 2023 and since then have committed a considerable amount of time to ensure that the voices of people with a profound learning and multiple disabilities (PMLD) and their families in Scotland, who were so adversely impacted, were heard. We have also highlighted that for many the pandemic is still impacting, not least in the lack of support, interventions and day services.


The Scottish Covid 19 Inquiry is a public inquiry to investigate the pandemic, how the Scottish Government responded to it, and how both affected people in Scotland. It is an independent institution chaired by Lord Brailsford, a senior judge, and has just completed the evidence gathering for the Impact on Health and Social Care Portfolio.

The role as core participants has meant that our group can play a significant role in the Inquiry’s investigation. As Core Participants we have particular rights and powers – including the right to make opening and closing statements through our legal representatives. We have provided a broad range of evidence through written statements, reports and oral evidence giving. PAMIS has been represented by Thompsons Solicitors and they have supported many witnesses to provide evidence.


PAMIS are grateful to all those who have given their time to provide this evidence, at times a harrowing experience, but one that we believe will make a valuable contribution to the lessons learnt and the future inclusion and visibility of our community.  Particular thanks to Pat Graham who has not only contributed as part of the PAMIS Board but has also provided a huge amount of personal family caring evidence, information and insights that help all families with a relative with PMLD. Her pioneering and persistent work in establishing an acute hospital pathway that enables known and paid carers to provide support while in an acute hospital is specifically mentioned and recognised within the closing statements.


Highlighted below are the links to the closing statements which took place on 27th June 2024. These include the closing statement on behalf of PAMIS, alongside a number of other organisations. We had highlighted the invisibility of people with PMLD and their carers, the lack of consideration within decision making and the disproportionate impact on the health and wellbeing of our community. This was reflected on within the closing statement from the Scottish Ministers with specific reference to PAMIS/people with PMLD, leaving us with a sense of hope that lessons will not only be learnt but that change will happen.


Closing statements from the morning including PAMIS

Closing statements | Health and Social Care Impact Hearings | 28 June 2024 (morning session) (youtube.com)

Closing statements in the afternoon including the Scottish Ministers

Closing statements | Health and Social Care Impact Hearings | 27 June 2024 (afternoon session) (youtube.com)


All of the evidence and information about the Scottish Inquiry can be found on the Scottish Covid Inquiry website https://www.covid19inquiry.scot/