Changing Places Toilets Scotland – May Update

Since the recent announcement of the new £10 million Changing Places toilet fund our enquiry service has been busier than ever which is fantastic as there are lots of lovely new loo’s in the planning stages and we continue to support venues to get their designs right, not just for the Changing Places toilet, but for broader accessibility improvements. Our Creative Arts team have a range of incredible projects underway, working with venues who have installed a Changing Places toilet, to improve their offer for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities. Improving access to suitable toilets is at the heart of the work we deliver because without Changing Places toilets, activities and opportunities within communities are so limited and this is something we strive to change every single day for the families we support.

The past few weeks have seen some exciting new Changing Places toilets opening including the highly anticipated  Waverley train station which we are thrilled about. Network Rail are fully committed to improving accessibility and provision of Changing Places toilets at key transport hubs.  You can read their full press release here. We know so many of you had to use the nearby toilet facilities available at the Booking Station pub but this was a far from a suitable solution. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the new Changing Places toilet at Waverley so if you do happen to use it please share your thoughts with us on the PAMIS social channels or drop an email to us at [email protected]

We also registered Craigend Resource Centre in Greenock, Renfrewshire as well as the Smart Centre in Edinburgh.

You can use the official Find a Toilet map on the Changing Places toilet website to check the opening times and the equipment available in each facility as well as see photos which so many of you tell us really help you plan a journey. We are continuing on our work to improve the map functionality and make it easier to use.

There are some exciting new toilets due to open this month and we will reach an important milestone when we register our 250th toilet in Scotland in the next few days. Watch this space!