The Arts End of Somewhere

‘The Kippford Mermaid’ photograph by Kim Ayres

The Arts End of Somewhere are an arts collective based in Dumfries.

They are an amazing group of people who all have additional support needs who came together to learn about multi-sensory storytelling in May 2019. Since then, they have formally become PAMIS Volunteers and research, write, and develop multi-sensory stories with people with PMLD in their community.

In 2020 they won the ‘Highly Commended’ award for Creative Innovation from the Scottish Commission for Learning Disability for the work they had produced during the coronavirus pandemic.

There are currently 8 members of The Arts End of Somewhere:
 Courtney Scriven, Faye Cattanach, India O’Mara, Katie Wright, Sarah Law, Greg Carberry, Skye Hughes and Zoe Charlesworth

PAMIS’ work with  The Arts End of Somewhere has been made possible with the support from our funders Creative Scotland and  The Holywood Trust


In August 2021, the Arts End of Somewhere launched their first multi-sensory picture book ‘The Kippford Mermaid’ online at Edinburgh International Book Festival.

The Kippford Mermaid is a based on a romantic local folk tale to Dumfries and Galloway and features interactive elements throughout.

The Kippford Mermaid: A Multi-Sensory Story created by The Arts End of Somewhere – Learning | Edinburgh International Book Festival (

The book was published by Curly Tale Books and is available to purchase online for £10 at The Kippford Mermaid – Curly Tale Books

All proceeds from the sale of their book will go directly back into their work developing inclusive creative communities with PAMIS.

Creative Collaborations

The Devil’s Porridge Museum

The museum is in Eastriggs, Annan and on the former site of a World War 1 munitions factory that stretched across to Gretna. The group worked with staff at the museum and developed two multi-sensory stories.

Harry’s Life in WW1


About a soldier’s experience in the trenches, this story was developed and performed by Courtney Scriven, Katie Wright, Faye Cattanach and Skye Hughes.


Ruby’s Life in WW1


This story is about the experience of one of the women working in the munition factory making cordite. This story was developed and performed by Sarah Law, India O’Mara and Zoe Charlesworth.

To find out more about the museum and events visit

The Kippford Mermaid Publication


Performed and launched at the Big Dog Book Festival in 2020, this story has been adapted from a local folktale ‘The Mermaid of Barnhourie’ and is about a mermaid who falls in love with a local sailor.

The Arts End of Somewhere are working with Author and Illustrator Shalla Gray of Curly Tales book publishers on the publication of the first multi-sensory story picture book.

For updates and other information about the group, visit their Facebook page @ArtsEndOfSomewhere

Theatre and Performance

UNCON Festival 2021

With support from Creative Scotland and the National Youth Arts Advisory Group, the Arts End of Somewhere produced a documentary titled ‘Our Creative Future’ that explored the experiences of young people with learning disabilities and PMLD in the creative and performing arts. The group also investigated how individuals and their families had been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and what their creative aspirations were for the future.

Our Creative Future – TTSUncon 2021