What is PMLD?

This is Gillian. She is passionate about music.  Her Mum and Dad realised she loved opera after they watched her light up when listening to the theme for the 1990 Football World Cup! Attending her day service and interacting with friends is also a very important part of her day.

People with PMLD are a group of individuals with learning disabilities in the profound range, and have a number of healthcare needs.  Their disabilities can present challenges for them and those providing care.  The majority are therefore life-long wheelchair users.  Many have sensory impairments with either vision or hearing affected.  Their healthcare needs are complex and may be life threatening. Family carers routinely carry out intensive 24-hour care to provide support and a good quality of life for their daughter/son.

People with PMLD are a diverse group of individuals with their own personalities, preferences and ways of communicating. The abilities of those described as having PMLD vary considerably. They are one of the most marginalised groups.  Due to the multiplicity of their disabilities they are often excluded from playing a full role in society, primarily because our communities are not inclusive enough.

However, PAMIS recognise that ‘profound’ also means deep, intense, wise and requiring great insight or knowledge.  Although many people with PMLD have significant disabilities, they are also teachers, facilitators and can make a great contribution to our lives.