Liam’s Dance

Dance is amazing. It brings individuals, communities and cultures together. Dance crosses boundaries, is good for physical, mental and emotional well-being and it’s FUN.

Multi Sensory Storymaking

PAMIS created a multi-sensory story guide to support families with activities they could enjoy doing together. Here you can browse and enjoy some of the multi-sensory stories made by families.

Passports for All! PAMIS Digital Passports- Covid-19 Offer

Nearly twenty years ago, PAMIS families, realising that their family members needed support to have their voices heard, worked with PAMIS to develop the PAMIS Digital Passport. The Passport, which belongs to the individual, offers a simple multimedia approach that eases communication and helps carers to share information in a way that truly values the individual.

Sensory Processing Process

Video 3, Sensory Processing Process from Motorvate Therapies has now been added to the Virtual Acitivities Programme. In this video Susan explains the sensory processing process.