Liam’s Dance

Dance is amazing. It brings individuals, communities and cultures together. Dance crosses boundaries, is good for physical, mental and emotional well-being and it’s FUN.

Multi Sensory Storymaking

PAMIS created a multi-sensory story guide to support families with activities they could enjoy doing together. Here you can browse and enjoy some of the multi-sensory stories made by families.

Passports for All! PAMIS Digital Passports- Covid-19 Offer

Nearly twenty years ago, PAMIS families, realising that their family members needed support to have their voices heard, worked with PAMIS to develop the PAMIS Digital Passport. The Passport, which belongs to the individual, offers a simple multimedia approach that eases communication and helps carers to share information in a way that truly values the individual.

Sensory Processing Process

Video 3, Sensory Processing Process from Motorvate Therapies has now been added to the Virtual Acitivities Programme. In this video Susan explains the sensory processing process.

PAMIS Strictly Online.

PAMIS in partnership with Liz Box from Confidance for Life is delighted to bring you our PAMIS Strictly Online.
Families, staff and indeed anyone can join in the fun, the competition is open to everyone. You can make up your own dance, you can dance together, you can dance individually, it really is up to you, but what we want is for you to dance and have some fun. We would love you to send in your pics or videos of your dance and a winner will be chosen on 21st May, which is profound impact day and our birthday. A prize will go to the winner. To help you with some ideas follow the link below and you will find a video where Liz gives you some fab ideas to get you started!

Funding Award

PAMIS are delighted to have received funding from Shared Care’s, Better Breaks fund, for their 2020 programme, Great Days Out, (Festivals and Events). Resources will be developed by PAMIS to further support events and festivals across Scotland, to create inclusive activity programmes for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and their families to enjoy a great day out!.

The Kippford Mermaid by ‘The Arts End of Somewhere ‘

Creative arts group, ‘The Arts End of Somewhere’ have written and created a multi-sensory version of this local tale from Dumfries and Galloway. They will be performing it at Big Dog, a children’s festival brought to you by Wigtown Festival Company. The festival is online this year and The Arts End of Somewhere will be online on Monday 27th April. The story and a guide to making the props for the story will be available to download from the Virtual Activity Programme page on the PAMIS website following the festival.