Roney Lee

I was first involved with PAMIS In May 2015, when I had my first full-time placement for my master’s degree in occupational therapy. According to Jenny, I was also her first OT student, so it made us both the explorers. The two months in Dundee was one of the best memories in my life. Not only did I learn how to be a superb OT but also developed tremendous relationship with the staff in PAMIS. It surely shaped the core parts of my professional identity.
What inspired you to work with PAMIS?
Being able to help people in need has always been something I want to do. Working with PAMIS not only provides me an opportunity to help people in the most need but also to make practical and positive changes of people’s lives. People with PMLD are not common. Working with people with such remarkable complex and profound needs could be challenging but at the same time hugely rewarding. Besides, working in the third sector gives me more freedom to think outside the box and implement creative ideas that would not normally be allowed in traditional settings.
What are your areas of expertise?
I am a newly registered Occupational Therapist and what it means is I love to maximise people’s potentials to be independent and do what they like to do! It could be through many different ways, but for our guys, I believe that leisure activities would be the most ideal way to do so. Speaking of leisure activities, I also have quite a strong sports science background. I graduated with a first class honours degree in Sports Science and I am also a certified strength and conditioning specialist.
My role
“With great power comes great responsibility.” As my talents are not restrained to only one area, my role is also very diverse. I work with people with PMLD and their families through transitions, providing support along the way, making sure they can have the life they want as they enter adulthood. Other than that I am involved in organising leisure activities in Glasgow area, and anything leisure related. Thirdly, I also work closely with Hannah on different research projects.
What does working at PAMIS mean to you?
It means a start of something beautiful, meaningful and valuable.
What is a typical day for you? Day to day functions?
Every day is so different; it is hard to pick a day to call it a typical day. But mainly it involves meeting up with families, schools and professionals, visiting services, replying emails, phone calls, organising activities, doing research…etc.
Why do you think it’s important for people to know about PAMIS and the services they provide?
Because people with PMLD is minority in the society, it is of paramount importance that the people know about PAMIS and the services we provide, so that they could get the support they need and deserve. Also, PAMIS is the only organisation in Scotland that works solely with people with PMLD, which means we always will act in their best interest and no other organisation would care about this group of minority as much as we do. If all the people with PMLD and families work together with us, we could even have more strength to speak up for them and provide a bigger network for them.
What is your motto, or favourite quote?

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson