Frances Morgan

I am the secretary here at PAMIS, and have been since 2001 when fate kindly let me be selected at a job interview!

How did you first hear about/get involved with PAMIS?
From a job advertisement

What inspired you to work with PAMIS?
a good feeling about the work being done

What are your areas of expertise?
ensuring there is enough coffee and booking meeting rooms

What does working at PAMIS mean to you?
being a useful part of an organisation is rewarding

What is a typical day for you?
Days are routine, but can change course, depending on what is going on/who phones

Tell us something we wouldn’t guess about you?
I haven’t a clue what I could tell you about me that you wouldn’t know: my facial expressions are easy to read

Why do you think it’s important for people to know about PAMIS and the services they provide?
Taking care of those with least ability makes for a better society

What is your motto, or favourite quote?
Communication is everything