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Campaigning is a key element of the work of PAMIS.  We believe it is vital that we actively campaign to raise awareness of the needs of people with PMLD and their carers to ensure that their voices are heard.

We campaign and monitor policy in a variety of ways which include:

  • influencing legislation relating to the Scottish and Westminster Parliament, for example – changes to the Independent Living Fund
  • meeting with Government ministers, providing evidence to parliamentary committees and briefing senior civil servants, for example – Changing Places Campaign
  • analysing the impact of policy proposals, for example – the introduction of Self-Directed Support
  • consulting widely with our families and professionals on key issues to ensure that their views are heard, for example – modernising Learning Disability Nursing Review
  • working to remove bureaucratic obstacles that prevent access to the community, for example – leisure activities such as wheelchair ice-skating
  • forging alliances with other organisations who have common aims, such as the Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability and Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland.

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